Hello World

Alrightie. So my name is Alexandru Blidaru. At the time of this writing, I was a grade 12 student at Marc Garneau CI, in the TOPS program in Toronto. I was a tech fan since ever, having started to play with computers when my family first got one, while we were still in Romania. I think I was around 7, so it was 1999, and we had a Win ’98 machine. I didn’t consider myself the average Solitaire  user, as I was able to find my way through the inner workings of the OS quite easily. In grade 4, I started programming with Pascal. I can’t remember if it was in grade 4 or 5, that I actually started to go to the Romanian Computer Science Olympics, but I know that I was constantly in the Top 5, and later on in the Top 10. The decrease was mainly because I stopped doing that kind of programming, focusing more on software-style programming, and I would only prepare for the competitions the week before.

Since then I also learned Java, C++, openFrameworks, Processing, Visual C, HTML, CSS and a few others.

Since those days, I also got myself into electronics, and DIY projects, this summer’s being a quadrocopter.

Besides other news about my stupid little projects, I will also try to keep the numerous readers (so hard to be sarcastic on a blog. HTML tags anyone?) about different news in the tech and gizmo world.

Anyway, have fun, and hopefully there will be a lot of you so I could monetize this blog, pay my tuition and start my own tech company.


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