Modern Warfare 2 Going 3D on the PS3?

A second viral ad that, like the first one, takes place in a lab, gives us a half a second peek at a Modern Warfare 2 menu, that looks blurry. The 3D blurry. Sony has yet to claim ownership of the video. It looks professional, so somebody must have tried pretty hard to fake it if they did. At the end of the clip, a title scene is shown that says PS4. Kotaku bloggers believe this is not to be taken literally. While chances are that it is so, it would be nice if there was an actual PS4 revealed at E3 this year. The past shows us that at this E3, console makers were supposed to show their next-gen consoles, however, it is believed most of them will instead show off the 3D capabilities, or newly developed peripherals for their consoles. This time I will actually gamble and say that they will show or give more info about the PS4. Revealing a PS4 would be perfect, as nobody would expect it, and I am sure the competition wouldn’t either.


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