My Four-Year-Old Son Plays Grand Theft Auto

No, it’s not my son. It’s the title of a blog post at bitmob, written by Matthew Orona. More exactly, Mr Orona’s son plays the San Andreas GTA, the one where you can still do some legal things such as be a firefighter/policeman/ambulance driver. I honestly recommend this 5 minute read. You could think the kid would start to drive over people, and hit the prostitutes with the baseball bat, but if you do so, you would be way off. Link after the break.

Spoilers ahead:

The kid gets in a car ( a parked one, not the ones at the intersection as his dad initially suggested). He then sees a police car, and gets in it and becomes a vigilante. He then proceeds to get an ambulance and become a saviour. And guess what he sees while driving the ambulance? A fire truck. However, he already had a patient in the ambulance, so he first drops the patient off and then goes back to the firetruck. And what do you think that he does when he runs over some old lady by mistake? He apologizes. I think we should all take a lesson from this little man on how the game is meant to be played.


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