Soluto – improve your boot speeds

We all had/have problems with boot up speeds. Some of us, including me occasionally, started using Ubuntu or other Linux distros due to their improved boot times. However, there are quite a number of apps that look better and work better on Windows. I remember when i bought my first laptop, which I am using right now, when i turned it on for the first time, it was blazing fast. But then I had to put an antivirus on, and the usual good and crap programs that follow the AV. So from the 1:30 it took me the first time, I went up to 5 minutes of boot time, and now to 3:11. How did I get to 3:11? Soluto.

Soluto is a free software that monitors all the programs that start at boot time and splits them into 3 categories: “No-brainer”, “Potentially removable” and “Required”. The applications under the first two categories if removed, usually save you at least 2 minutes on the first tun of Soluto.

In terms of removing those programs there are two ways to do it:

  • Pause – which will basically stop from turning on at boot time
  • Delay – which will turn it on, except not as soon as you turn on your computer.

Advanced computer users will not find the software that useful, as  they probably already “paused” or “delayed” the appropriate programs, however Soluto is great for novice and intermediate computer users.



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