For Your Consideration

It’s been a while since i have updated this thing, but worry not, as from now on I will try to update it more often. In the last few weeks i’ve experienced first hand the advantage of connections, especially in the tech world.

With regards to updates about what has happened until now:

  • Started University in the fall. I’m studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Canada, one of the most prestigious Canadian universities when it comes to engineering. As part of my degree requirements, I also have to do co-op. Co-op is basically the aspect that sets UW apart form the rest of the tech school around the world. I will be talking about co-op and student life in a later blog post.
  • Currently on first semester of co-op. We have 6 in total, though one of them is optional. The company I’m working for is Allerta.  Again I’ll be talking about the company, what I do and what they do in a bit more detail in following blog posts. Short form is that we are working on the inPulse smartwatch which you can see at
  • I’m in Mountain View, California for co-op, which considering that I am first year is kind of a big deal. And i guess it would be a big deal for anyone really since it is SILICON VALLEY we are talking about.

The content of the blog will definitely change in the following months. I will basically stop link whoring (sorry Gawker for “borrowing” your stuff.) From now on, I will be posting about student life, co-op life, news (i’ll actually discuss them and not link whore), and projects.

In terms of projects, I have two planned for the next little while:

  • Quadcopter – yes i mentioned that i’ll be building it for a while, but something came up every time i got more serious about it.
  • Stock analysis program – I decided to get into stock trading again, except this time I will do it with real money and not fake money. I previously wrote a portfolio management program in java for a compsci class back in highschool. The program was using Google Finance APIs to deal with all the info, so my guess is that I’m probably going to use that as well. The only thing is that the program back then was rather slow. I would imagine most of the slowness had to do with the fact that I was not using threads at all, except for whenever Google’s API would require me to do so.  I was also planning on adding a pretty UI with 3D effects and all to this Stock Analysis program, so I’m currently looking into whether I should use a hybrid approach either by using Java and C/C++ with OpenGL, or Python and Java and/or C/C++. Any suggestions from people who may or may not know what they are doing are welcome.
  • Sooner or later I will also be switching to a new domain, and while I don’t mind for the blog to be hosted by WordPress (at least for the time being), I think I will end up hosting the blog at one point. Learning PHP however will come 3rd after the first two projects.

I think for a first post, which more or less signals a new beginning in the life of this blog, the length of 600ish words is pretty good. I also see that time wise, it only really took me 20-30 minutes to write all this, so it’s not that bad. Whenever I have time, I’ll also probably delete all the previous stuff on the blog, since it was kinda dumb.

I also have to come up with a few categories that not only make sense, but are also pretty encompassing while managing to keep everything organized.


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