Feb 13

This will be the first log book post. Yay! In no particular order:

  • Yesterday I came across two of the most powerful images that were taken during the Egypt protests. I know that they are over, but I feel like they are important enough to be posted now. The first image represent Muslim Egyptians who are acting as human shields, protecting the Christians, who are coming out of their churches.  The Washington post quoted Egyptians as saying:

“I know it might not be safe, yet it’s either we live together, or we die together, we are all Egyptians.”

According to one of their source, Ahram Online, there were several prominent Muslim figures among the participants:

“Among those shields were movie stars Adel Imam and Yousra, popular preacher Amr Khaled, the two sons of President Hosni Mubarak, and thousands of citizens who have said they consider the attack one on Egypt as a whole.”

The question is: do we really need time like these for people to forget their unimportant differences such as religion?

  • I will be definitely looking into hosting this blog myself. I feel i’m a bit too constrained by the lack of plug-ins, and by the lack of tracking tools such as Google Analytics. I’m debating between hosts such as 1and1 or cloud services such as Amazon’s Web Services. If you have any comments about this, they are more than welcome.
  • Pandora plans to go public sometimes in mid 2011. The have practically eliminated all of their losses from the past years. I will be definitely be covering this as we get closer to the actual IPO. For now, you can find more information at TechCrunch
  • Two days ago I managed to stumble over the YCombinator application form, for the Summer of 2010. In my opinion, most of those questions should already be answered by any entrepreneur who is serious about his or her business. The application can be found here.
  • I am not too big of a StarCraft fan (probably has to do with the fact that I am not too good at the game), but while checking out the Quantum of Knowledge blog, I’ve discovered quite a funny and incredibly cute video, of father-4 year old daughter bonding time during a StarCraft  game. 

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