What is Pocodot?

If you spend any amount of time on YouTube, listening to music, as most of us do whether it’s in our spare time or at work, you will have noticed that for many of the most viewed music videos, the highest rated comments are related to Pocodot or “The new Facebook killer”, as the commenters refer to it.  The most common scenario is this: the top rated comment begins by describing how great the singer is, and then they seem to leak some info about the artist they found from their pocodot profile. The second most rated comment, usually has a user ask the first what the hell pocodot is. Both of them are Spam bots, and at the amount of pocodot comments I’ve flagged as spam, I should be becoming a Youtube moderator pretty soon.

Here you can find a few samples of messages regarding pocodot:

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Now here is a print screen  of a pocodot profile. I’ll give it to them, that the design looks ok and in a way pretty elegant with the tabs. It obviously took a few pages from the “simplicity” book written by Facebook:

As you can imagine, all of these users driven sites have the old chicken and egg problem: they need users to grow, but a large user base in order to attract more users. Although the advertising method pocodot decided to use is cheap and technically wrong, since it is basically spamming, it is still pretty ingenious. If you think about it, the top viewed music videos on YouTube, attract at least a viewer every couple of minutes, so converting even a small amount of that number into stable and consistent users is quite an accomplishment.  Instead of having both populate the whole comments section with their website, they just have bots giving thumbs up to the few posts that were posted.

It seems that pocodot has also “infiltrated” Yahoo! Answers, since there are users dedicated to not only answering pocodot related questions but even asking them.

EDIT: With regards to all those artists that are so in love with pocodot… yeah no. None of them actually have a pocodot profile.


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