Allerta releasing the dev kit for the inPulse Smartwatch

It’s currently 7:35am Pacific Time. I’ve been up for 20 hours, and in previous days I didn’t get much sleep either. But it’s all worth it. Why? Because ALLERTA JUST RELEASED THEIR DEV KIT FOR THE INPULSE SMARTWATCH! YAY! *baloons*

It feels pretty great to have your first product shipped. I mean sure it wasn’t only me who worked on it. A lot of cred should go to my boss, and Ryan and I we both worked on it, but you it’s out baby.

Now let me explain you what the watch used to do and what it will do form now on. Until now, the watch would only connect to your Blackberry and it would send your calls, SMS, Email and BBM notifications to your watch. In the case of emails, calls and sms you would also get the actual content and who it is that sent you the call or whatever.

NOW, you will actually be able to write your own apps. A “Hello World ” app can be written up in less than a minute. To see some samples of the apps go to . I wrote the iTunes one, the Presenter one and the Analog Clock Face.

We are also on Hacker News right as I type this so feel free to go there too:

Throughout the day I’ll be updating with the latest blogs where we’ll be making an appearance so to speak.

UPDATE: Makezine posted about us . Cool beans AND one of my apps(Analog watch) is there.

UPDATE 2: We are in the NY Times magazine, and my analog whatcface is there


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