Trip to LA part 1: Transportation

Being in San Francisco, I figured I might as well take a week off and go to Los Angeles. I mean if you have the chance to visit Tinsel Town, why not? My buddy Ryan, who works with me at Allerta, did not need much convincing. The thing is that I haven’t bought tickets yet, or decided on plans of what to visit, so instead of just writing everything on a piece of paper, I might as well write it here, and maybe someone will find it useful (probably not). If you have been to Los Angeles or if you live in LA, and you happen to stumble over this post, please drop a line telling me whether the plans are alright and if I should add anything to the itinerary.

So, we’ll start with transportation. I figure that the ones that make sense and the only ones really are:

  • Airplane
  • Train
  • Greyhound/or other bus company

At this moment I’m kicking myself for not having taken my G2 back in Canada, as then I would have had a car already and I could have driven there down the coast. Well this won’t be my last trip to the valley, so I’ll do the drive next time.

So first airplane. I figured that instead of checking the individual airlines (Delta, Virgin, United, Continental) , I might as well check Orbitz or another similar aggregative website. I decided the  departure date would be  the 25th of March and we’d be back on the 3rd of April. A bit more than a week should give us enough time to visit everything, and maybe even surf and do other Los Angelen things.  In terms of prices, it seems that all airlines have the same price of $220 in totals for both ways.

Now train. Why train you may ask? Well because it’s probably faster than a bus, but you still get to see all the nice landscapes. However, after checking the itinerary, it doesn’t seem like too good of a choice. First of all is that from San Francisco you have to take  a bus for 2 and a half hours to Stockton. From there we would take the train for 4 and half hours (not bad) up to Bakersfield. And then, another 2 and a half hours on a bus to Union Station. If the whole bus thing wouldn’t be there, I’d be pretty inclined to go this route, but with the bus it seems it’s just a pain in the ass. Price wise it wasn’t too bad either, around $110 one way.

And finally Greyhound. Price wise it is obviously the best at $168 both ways. The major downside? 12 and a half our bus ride. Yeah… no.

So transplantation has been unanimously decided: airplanes. In terms of which one, I think we’ll just go with Virgin, just because Richard Branson is so awesome. So tickets: CHECK!



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